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Running a day care center or head start would be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world... if it weren't for all the paperwork. Sign-in/sign-out sheets, emergency contact forms, information cards and immunization records are just a few of the myriad of forms required in the administration of a child care facility. And this list doesn't even include the records associated with supplemental revenue programs such as CACFP. Participation in these programs increases paperwork exponentially. Considering how burdensome these administrative and recordkeeping requirements are, especially for facilities participating in supplemental revenue programs, one might safely assume that numerous technology solutions would be available to alleviate them. In fact, there is only one: Biowatch.

Unlike its competition, Biowatch has been developed specifically for facilities that rely on federal supplemental revenue programs for their financial survival. Almost all forms and reports necessary to administer these programs, along with the data elements contained therein, have been integrated into this unique and powerful application. Imagine spending minutes rather than hours processing a CACFP claim or Title XIX/XX reimbursement request. Imagine simply pressing a few buttons instead of laboring over income affidavits and tabulating results from rosters and meal count sheets. With Biowatch this isn't just a dre... it's a reality.

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